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The Importance of Getting The Right Tyres For Your Van

For businesses dependent on the smooth running of a light commercial vehicle, van tyres are crucially important. Having the correct van tyres fitted ensures the smooth running of your vehicle and helps to limit the possibility of unscheduled downtime.



It's been said that a van can be your business's best employee or your business's worst employee. An unreliable van can cause untold damage to productivity and your schedule. Therefore, it's in a business owner's interest to always ensure that their van operates efficiently—one of the most important aspects of a van that should be maintained is, of course, their tyres.

And unlike the tyres of some other vehicles, van tyres are likely to be used more often. There'll be little downtime, and a van will often be on the road for hours. Therefore selecting the right van tyre is crucial.



If you are in the business of transporting loads that can sometimes be uneven, it's essential to look at radial tyres. Radial tyres are reinforced with belted polyester and steel. Radial tyres help to compensate for variable loads ensuring the vehicle stays on the road.



Another significant reason for paying attention to the van tyres on your vehicle is the safety implications. You want van tyres that are made from quality rubber components that grip wet roads and prevent aquaplaning. If you suddenly have to break, you want to make sure your tyres have adequate tread depth to stop. With this in mind, you should regularly check your tyre tread depth to ensure they conform to the latest road safety authority regulations.



With rising fuel costs, every business owner should be looking at strategies to reduce their fuel consumption. The tyres fitted to your vehicle play a significant role in fuel consumption. One method to be more efficient with fuel consumption is to look at tyres with low rolling resistance. Our team of experts at Craughwell Tyres can recommend these types of tyres.



Regularly changing tyres is also critically important. While some cheaper options may save the business owner money in the short term, these tyres will inevitably not last as long as their higher quality, more expensive equivalents.

So it's essential to consider that cheaper tyres may initially save a business owner money; these tyres make cost you in the long run due to more frequent changes and additional downtime.



Another regular check that often gets neglected is tyre pressure. A tyre with low inflation will wear down much faster than it should. It can also destabilise the vehicle making it more dangerous when taking corners or breaking. Always consult the tyre pressure markings on the tyre to ensure it's at an appropriate PSI.

If you have any more questions about selecting the right van tyres in Galway, please contact our Galway garage today.

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